Genesee County direct dispatch having minor issues

Direct dispatch is designed to decrease response time and provide more accurate emergency coverage.

The closest ambulance to a call gets dispatched, so ambulance companies are jockeying for prime position.

"There is a lot of clustering already that we are seeing" says Joseph Karlichek, Vice President of Operations for STAT EMS.

The closest company gets the contract for the call, so companies are positioning more crews in spots with historically high call volumes.

With so many crews sitting in one spot, other areas are seeing gaps in coverage.

"We need to develop better policies, for communities to have consistent EMS coverage, not just when it is most convenient from 9 to 5" says Karlichek.

In order to keep response times low, Patriot Ambulance Service is taking steps to mind the gap, and pick up the slack.

"We noticed a little bit of clustering, but we have instructed our dispatchers to keep an eye on the map and wherever they see holes is where we shift our resources to" says Jay Johnson, Director of Patriot Ambulance Service.

Even with these hiccups, EMS companies say anything is better than the old system.

"Its going to evolve, but its leaps and bounds from where it was just 3 days ago" says Johnson.