Genesee County enjoys first day of Summer

On this first day of Summer many people in Genesee County also getting out to enjoy the sunshine while others are reaping the financial benefits that go along with the dog days of summer.

Kathleen Lacey and her kids were enjoying the sunshine Friday. "Bluebell Beach is a popular host to families in the dog days of Summer."Bluebell Beach I like in particular because it's a beach plus you have splash pad in play area and if you really want to take a wlak you can take a trail over to steping stone falls park over there any everything."

The sand, sun and water is a destination for many across Michigan.

"We go to beaches alll across Michigan wherever we can," said Rachel Chapman.

For the economically-conscious, it's a no-brainer.

"I find free activities. I have three kids so we do anything that is really cheap," said Chapman.

While families are busy saving, local businesses are seeing green.

"The parking lot is going to be packed sometimes we have a line and it's wrapped around the door," said Candice Minus of Banana Boat Ice Cream.

Also popular, traveling across Michigan.

Samuel Siwula made a stop at the Clio rest stop, "we're coming to visit a skate park in Saginaw."

For a list of activities, click here.