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      Genesee County Jail overcrowded but not an emergency

      "It is not an overcrowding emergency people are not being let out the back door this is just a process that every county jail has to go through,?? said Genesee County Undersheriff Chris Swanson.

      A process that is far from a critical situation.

      "Day 28 the sheriff gets back involved in reviewing sentences and day 42 is another benchmark where we shut down and stop letting people come in but we are so far from that,?? said Swanson.

      In fact, Swanson suspects the jail will be back to manageable numbers soon.

      "We look to break this count tonight. So that tomorrow we will be back to day one,?? said Swanson

      Since opening the Flint city lock up when Genesee County Jail was last in emergency the jail has been managing numbers better.

      "The problem is when they system gets so strained that everybody stays in jail and nobody can more and those numbers go up into the 700's,?? said Swanson.

      The city lock up was intended to help the overcrowding. Is the 2.2 million dollar city investment helping?

      "It involves the state, city the county and all those elements working together but I think it is too early to tell,?? said Swanson.