Genesee County Land Bank closes on four homes

After nearly five years of allocating more than ten million dollars in neighborhood stabilization funds the Genesee county land bank announcing the closure on four new homes.

"I didn't believe it at first you know you are so excited that you don't think its going to happen. I really didn't believe it was going to happen but I kept hope though," said new homeowner Samil Williams.

Keeping the hope for nearly two years, after going through the land banks mandatory classes and credit improvement Samil Williams has a roof over his head.

"They have patience with you they give you time they have programs set up you can go to," said Williams.

William's and three other new homeowners are a symbol success for the Genesee county land bank.

"The neighborhood stabilization program is a win for the community for the city of flint and for residents and people who are able to buy these homes," said Genesee County Land Bank Executive Director Doug Weiland.

The land bank says these sales are an indicator of a healing market; however, the neighborhood stabilization program is nearing an end and the job isn't complete.

"We still have 17 homes for sale, we have sold 14 or 15 at this point and the other 17 remain on the market," said Weiland.

The land bank is remaining positive for more residents to see the value in what they are offering, a fresh start.

"It was worth it, first you are nervous but when you see how they walk you through everything it's just wonderful,â?? said Williams.

The land bank says their next project is to continue their demolition projects in the city.