Genesee County residents deal with more flooding

Merely two weeks after families flocked to Clio City Park to enjoy the weather, the only activity Friday was flooding as picnic tables, benches and swing sets submerged in floodwaters after days of heavy rain.

The swollen Pine Run Creek left nearby Jennings Road impassable for the second time in two weeks. In Genesee Township, there was no bustling business for businesses along Dort Highway.

â??They call it Lake Dort,â?? Wendy Davis of Dort Transmission joked,

In Burton the Kearsley Creek overflowed onto Atherton, closing part of it to morning commuters.

Evelyn Dimon said, â??That creek gets fuller and fuller, the waters got no place to go.â??

Other business owners relied on the few customers willing to cross water to get to them.

Most residents said the problem has been a lot worse in years past. In neighboring Shiawassee County, residents are dealing with the threat of flooding it as usual, and they said, there's no cause for panic right now.