Genesee County residents survive severe weather and start cleaning up

It's a scene Mid-Michigan residents are revisiting after severe weather put them to the test again yesterday afternoon. The National Weather Service says no tornado touched down but Genesee County residents say Mother Nature gave them a run for their money.

"Iâ??m alive because I took off running," said Madelon Tolson.

"Iâ??ve never seen a storm like this in the 35 years Iâ??ve been here," said Bernie Dieterly.

High winds coupled with rain and hail left Madelon Tolson little time to prepare.

"I turned off the stove shut the slider and ran for the basement," said Tolson.

Winds speeds as high as 70 miles per hour snapped and uprooted trees near, and on top of geneses County homes.

"All of a sudden I heard this crash," said Tolson.

"We have had some good wind storms but nothing like this," said Dieterly.

The storm is leaving behind an insurance disaster.

"Damage to the house and damage to the garage," said Dieterly.

"Our awning our porch, our eves," said Tolson.

After surveying the damage, Bernie Dieterly knows this cleanup is going to take more manpower.

"They were all here willing to help and start chainsaws last night," said Dieterly.

Both Dieterly and Tolson say without neighbors, getting past this wave of storms would be a struggle.

"Great friends, great people in this area," said Dieterly.

"Iâ??m just happy and thankful I am here today," said Tolson.

Consumers Energy says about 41 thousand Michiganders are being affected by the severe weather, and they hope to have power back to most of those 41 thousand by 11 this evening.