Genesee County roads deteriorating, no end in sight

Genesee County has some of the worst roads in the state, and things aren't getting any better according to a recent government assesment.

The roads in Genesee County are deteriorating and at least triple the currentl level of funding is needed to reverse the trend, according to a new government assesment.

Overall, 2,722 miles of asphalt and concrete were examined across the county and 41 percent of them were graded as being in poor condition and needing major reconstruction.

An additional 45 percent were rated in fair condition, needing preventative maintenance and just 14 percent were rated in good condition or needing just day-to-day maintenance.

The report states that Otisville has the worst conditions in the county, with 95% of roads being rated as poor. Fenton is in the best shape overall, with 21% of roads being considered in good condition.