Genesee County schools closed because of threats

On Thursday the children's section of the Flint library is booming with new faces.

"This afternoon and this morning we had quite a number of school aged kids coming through," said Cathy Lancaster a librarian there.

All schools in Genesee County shut their doors. School officials said they shut down because parents and children are on edge, anxious over threats of gun violence, even one false report of shots being fired at Grand Blanc High School.

"Everybody should be watching out for the kids," said David Price.

Numerous school superintendents declined to comment on camera, but the Genesee Intermediate School District did issue a statement stating:

"There are too many unique factors that have influenced out unanimous decision to cancel all school and school related activities for Thursday and Friday."

"It's very frightening, but we all have to go on with our lives and make each day as positive as we can," said Kathy Greiner.