Genesee Countyâ??s demolition plan in jeopardy

Itâ?? a bureaucratic hold up neighbors on Flintâ??s Oakley Street are not happy to hear about. Abandoned homes are slated to be knocked down thanks to a federal grant but that could be put on hold if county leaders don't come to an agreement.

The sounds of demolition are sweet music to Judy Kondon's ears.

â??I love it, I've been waiting a long time for it,â?? says Kondon who has lived on Oakley Street since 1972.

Judy and her husband say getting rid of these eyesores will help the neighborhood.

â??Anything we can do to make life easier and better around here, it's better for everybody,â?? says John Kondon.

But bureaucratic bickering could stop the multi-million dollar project in its tracks.

â??To me it's a no-brainer,â?? says county treasurer Deb Cherry.

The federal government is requiring the county to put $3 million dollars up front for the project---money, the county will get back in the form a grant, later.

"The controller has said the county is in too bad of a financial shape to do this,â?? says Cherry.

NBC25â??s attempts to reach county commissioner chair Jamie Curtis and controller Keith Francis were unsuccessful.

But according to commissioners, Francis sent a memo to board members saying he does not recommend the loan.

â??I hate hearing hold up,â?? says Kondon.

â??You know there's always risk involved in everything but the risk in this is very tiny,â?? says Cherry.

â??They (sic) got to think of the people in this neighborhood. They got to find some way,â?? says Kondon.

The the clock is ticking for county leaders to come up with an agreement. They have just 14 months to knock down more than 15,000 homes otherwise they lose out on the federal grant.

The county treasurer adds First Merit Bank will lend the county the $3 million but first they need the commissioners to back the loan.