Genesee Towers demolition delay gives a Flint resident time to fight

The Uptown Reinvestment Corporation says they suffered a setback. It's not a big deal but the Back to the Bricks and Crim goers this year are going to see the Genesee Towers one last time.

"What I see is a building not being utilized that they could probably tear down," said Flint resident Michael Ivory.

Some Flint residents are ready to see it go down. Eric Mays is requesting Flint District Court to order a halt in the demolition of the towers.

"They led the public to believe they had done all their due diligence and they were ready to knock down our 8 to 9 million dollar asset," said Eric Mays.

Outside the courtroom residents remain eager. They are arguing the other side of Maysâ?? legal action.

"It depended on who makes the best offer to get it tore down and what use are they going to have for it afterwards," said Ivory.

After the 30 minute hearing Judger Neithercut ruled Mays was in the wrong court to file and injunction to stop the Genesee Towers demolition. And Uptown Reinvestmentâ??s plan to rebuild the land into a business plaza.

"If they are going to build there build for the whole of flint not just the upper echelon," said Ivory.

Until the demolition and reconstruction May says he plans to fight.

"We will file a separate motion and come back to whatever judge it is for injunctive relief," said Mays.

Flint residents say its okay to wait until Back to the Bricks and the Crim are done they just hope it gets done before winter hits.