Genesee Towers implosion scheduled for December

Locally based sub-contractors Burnash Wrecking, Inc. and Certified Abatement Services Inc. have been selected as part of the demolition team.

The long awaited demolition is going to be an implosion. Contract Drilling & Blasting, a nationally recognized implosion firm based in Jacksonville, Florida has been hired to handle implosion engineering and blasting efforts.

â??I know everyone has been waiting to hear about the next steps with the towers,â?? said Tim Herman, President of Uptown Reinvestment Corporation and CEO of the Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce. â??At this point, the plan is coming together nicely. We have put together a strong demolition team to help us bring down the building in a safe and responsible manner.â??

The demolition team and the City of Flint are meeting this week to focus on the development of the site-specific safety and work plans, and coordination of all aspects of the project leading up to the implosion.

â??Everything is contingent upon these meetings,â?? said Siwek Construction consultant Dave Lurvey. â??If the planning goes smoothly, then we anticipate the implosion will occur in mid December.

The implosion of the Genesee Towers marks the first time in more than 15 years that a building has been demolished in Genesee County. That was Auto World back in 1997.