Genesee Towers to come down this Summer

It's the tallest building in Flint and one of the oldest.

Despite its high rank, some residents are ready for the Genesee Towers to come down.

The building has been vacant for years.

According to the president of Uptown Reinvestment, officials hope to tear down the building on a Sunday this July.

"Building was built in 1964 but the building has sat vacant for years and years so I think it's exciting for people in Genesee County to see that building come down," says Tim Herman, president of the Uptown Reinvestment Corporation.

Residents like Nina Lewis who works at Hand of God Ministries nearby says the building holds significant value to life-long residents.

"Our bricks our buildings architecture means a lot and for what we're trying to hold on to here in Flint it is sad that something is coming down," says Lewis.

Residents do look forward to a new beginning for the piece of property located at the corner of E. 1st Street.

"Whatever comes in if it's something that can beautify the city or help create a unified city, I think that would be awesome," says Lewis.

"The public will, I believe, see something really cool science themed for kids," says Tim Herman.

The plans for the site are part of a $32 million redevelopment project.

Officials are still working on financing.

Tim Herman says they are pushing to have the towers down by the time the Crim Festival of Races and Back to the Bricks occur this Summer.

Some history on the Genesee Towers:

A legal judgement forced taxpayers to shell out $9 million for the building.

It was sold to Uptown Reinvestment for just a buck.