Get your camera: candles everywhere!

Kathy Stephenson, Mid Michigan Home Care

The gentle flicker of thousands of candles will illuminate Dow Gardens in Midland for a special event starting this weekend. "Stars in the Gardens", is a candlit walk to help out MidMichigan Home Care. The event is on December 6-8th and then again on December 14-15 from 5 to 7 pm each night.

Another event will be to remember those who have passed away. "An Evening of Remembrance" will be on December 8 and the 15th, also at Dow Gardens. It will take place at 4:15, with the service at 4:30 pm. Kathy Stephenson, from MidMichigan Home Care says it will recognize patients and community members who have passed away. It will include music and reading of the names of people who are deceased.

Dow Gardens is in Midland at 1809 Eastman Avenue. A shuttle bus is available for those who need assistance.

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