Getting cold and don't forget to set your clocks!

First things first, DO NOT FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR TONIGHT; also its getting cold, very cold.

At 2am Sunday the time shifts back one hour, and speaking from experience a long time ago, do not wind up thinking it is an hour later than it is.

The next most important thing is the drop in overnight temperature tonight and tomorrow night, down in to the 20's.

With winds from the north and being on the rear of a cold front with clearing overnight skies allows us to dip below normal.

With the winds from this direction, and with adequate moisture among other things, there is a slight chance for lake effect snow along the Lake Huron coast.

In the model image, it gives the general idea of where to expect a possible dusting to one inch, but only if we drop in temperature fast.

Sun returns for Sunday and to start the work week, but rain chances return Tuesday night with another cold front.

This second front drops us once more but only in to the 30's.

Stay warm, bundle up, and don't forget to set your clocks.