Giant cat frightens Detroit neighbors


Animal rescuers say a big cat that has been roaming Detroit's northeast side has been killed.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the 25-pound Savannah cat was found in a trash can Monday evening. Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek of Paws for the Cause feral cat rescue says a resident shot the cat days ago. She says the cat had escaped about a month ago from a nearby home, and the owners were devastated to hear about the death of their cat named Chum.A Savannah is a hybrid domestic house cat and African serval cat. They have long legs and spots like a small leopard, and are sold for thousands of dollars.


Detroit is known for its ferocious animals. The Tigers. The Lions. And now: "Jungle Cat".

It's a little more than an average house cat. Some neighborhood residents say they're afraid of the animal.

When it stops by his house, Bobby Giddings knows what to do. He tells WDIV, "It pretty much stays on that side of the street. Since he's territorial, and he stays on that side of the street, I stay on my side of the street."

Anyone who lives near Alcoy and Bringard on Detroit's east side will tell you it's no house cat.

One neighbor says, "It's like an African cat. This cat ain't from here. The stripes... it's just different."

Bobby Giddings says, "It's like mountain lion big. It's huge, it's a pretty big cat."

According to another neighbor, "It's not a regular cat. Even the little cats in the neighborhood are so scared of it. And the dogs!"

Neighbors have called Animal Control to no avail. Giddings says, "The humane society told us to catch it ourselves and ain't nobody try catch that big old cat. It's a really big cat. It's a scary cat. And somebody needs to pick it up before one of these kids get hurt."