Global Day of Service reinspires Flint neighborhood

Volunteers and organizations are coming together in celebration of A Global Day of Service. Their goal is tackling one of Flint's biggest problems; blight, and hopefully inspire others to follow their lead.

"Itâ??s really nice getting to know people, thought you were older than me," said local volunteer Quashonda Phelps.

Phelps was running out of hope for her neighborhood. She has spent countless hours cleaning up without help over the last few years.

"I didn't think it was going to be this many people because a lot of people don't normally help," said Phelps.

Civic Park is getting a facelift from city workers and volunteers for the first time in Phelps' lifetime.

"I think people will see us cleaning up and decide that maybe they can do something to clean up their community," said Phelps.

Raymond Skelton lives on Milbourne Avenue and watched Phelps and dozens of others clean vacant lots near his home Saturday morning.

"I woke up and I looked out my bed room window and I seen about 15 or 20 people outside and I was like, awe man they are cleaning up the neighborhood," said Skelton.

Most abandoned lots are mowed once a year by the Genesee County Land Bank. Rakes, wood chippers and heavy equipment are making Milbourne and two other flint locations easier for neighbors to maintain.

"When people see other people doing things then they start to move. It's a beautiful thing," said Skelton.

"It goes to show that everybody in the community isnâ??t that bad and we do like to keep our community nice it just takes a lot of work," said Phelps.

After hours of cleaning up trash and debris volunteers are uncovering a possible new future for the historic section of Civic Park. The volunteers in the civic park area are not stopping at one day of global service. The group is planning a vacant home boarding project later this year.