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      Glow in the dark bubbles for Fourth of July

      Glow in the dark bubbles from greatlakesbaymoms.com.

      The Fourth of July holiday can be a dangerous time for kids, even when parents are paying close attention. If you are looking for an alternative, especially for the little ones, greatlakesbaymoms.com stopped by Monday morning to teach viewers how to create glow in the dark bubbles.

      Below is the recipe for glow in the dark bubbles. You can also visit greatlakesbaymoms.com for more information.

      Recipe for Glow-In-the-Dark Bubbles!

      Ingredients: 1 small container of bubble solution* (clear plastic or glass jar is best!)non-toxic glow sticks

      *To make 1 gallon of your own bubble solution:10 cups water3 cups liquid dish soap1 cup corn syrup

      Directions: If making bubble solution, stir ingredients gently and pour into jar. Bend and shake glow sticks until they are glowing brightly. Then carefully cut off one end and pour the solution into the container of bubbles. The more glow sticks you use, the more the solution and the bubbles will glow!

      Have fun!