Gluten-free cooking with Chef Doug

      Chef Dougalst St. Souver from Artisans Gourmet Deli paid a visit to the NBC25 kitchen set this morning to fill us in on some deliciuos gluten-free meals.

      Today's menu options were french toast, BBQ chicken pizza and macaroni and cheese.

      All of the items cooked this morning were made with gluten-free products which were on display in our kitchen.

      As a food lover I must say I was skeptical that gluten-free would taste as good but Chef Doug proved me wrong.

      Not only were these options healthier than the normal food I usually consume, it tasted just as if not more delicious.

      Check out the video above to see how Chef Doug made our mouths water this morning with some gluten-free cooking! Chef Doug even explains what gluten is and why it's bad for you.