GM & Chrysler say thousands of their cars are being held hostage

General Motors and Chrysler have filed suit, accusing a company of holding thousands of cars and trucks hostage.

It all started after the auto-hauling company Allied Systems added a fuel surcharge to its delivery fee. The automakers say it is not the deal they agreed to, and they TMre not paying it.

The Detroit News reports Allied Systems told the automakers vehicles won TMt be delivered until they are paid.

The paper reports Allied told General Motors if it wants the vehicles, it needs to pick the 1,700 Camaros and Silverados stored at Dearborn, Michigan and Fort Wayne, Indiana facilities up itself. Allied claims the automaker owes it $3.6 million.

The Windsor Star reports Chrysler TMs lawsuit says Allied is holding hundreds of its minivans at a storage facility in Canada. Chrysler filed suit in Windsor accusing the company of breach of contract.

Hearings for both automakers are scheduled for next week.

What do you think? Do you think Allied Systems is wrong to hold the vehicles? Or should the automakers accept the rate hike? Leave your comments below.