GM founder's great-grandsons in town for statue unveiling

Gordon (left) and Daniel Merrick, better known as Dean and Duke, talked about their great-grandfather, Billy Durant, during a meet-and-greet at the Davison Country Club Thursday.

This year, Back the Bricks brought the descendants of one of America's automotive pioneers back to the birthplace of General Motors.

Car enthusiasts got to rub shoulders with Billy Durant's great-grandsons who joined Thursday night's festivities honoring the GM co-founder and Flint entrepreneur.

Gordon and Daniel Merrick, better known as Dean and Duke, talked about their family history during a meet and greet at the Davison Country Club. They also performed some songs for the audience and said they're honored to be back where their great-grandfather, Billy Durant, helped found General Motors.

"He was all but forgotten in history and I'm still learning a lot about him, and he was the guy,â?? Gordon Merrick said.

Daniel Merrick added, â??Billy would be very proud of the effort that people are putting into the city and how it's reviving itself. He always he always loved Flint, he always wanted to come back to Flint, so Saturday he'll be back home."

Billy Durant's bronze statue will stay covered until Saturday morning. It will be unveiled during the Back to the Bricks opening ceremony. Durantâ??s statue will stand between the existing statues of Louis Chevrolet and David Buick and complete the statue plaza in downtown Flint.