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      GM gives thanks to Flint for truck of the year

      General Motors is accepting one of the auto industry's highest honors, but not without giving thanks to the workers who helped make it happen.

      "The North American Truck of the Year award means a lot to Chevrolet and General Motors but it means for the men and women in Flint making the engine. Flintâ??s blue collar stamp is riding the 2014 Silverado into GM's trophy case.

      "Itâ??s an honor to be here on behalf of the entire Silverado and General Motors team to accept this award," said GM Executive Chief Engineer Jeff Luke.

      Incoming General Motors President of North America Mark Reuss is celebrating the fourth General Motors pick up to win the North American truck of the year.

      "I think it's a huge accomplishment for everybody that works with general motors and all the employees that work on these programs," said Reuss.

      The incoming president of North America is sending a special thanks to the men and women working for GM in Flint.

      "Congratulations and letâ??s keep our head down and launch this HD with the same kind of quality and it will get the same kind of awards that we got on the regular light duty truck," said Reuss in a one-on-one interview today.

      Flint Assembly is starting production on the 2015 Silverado HD as part of a $328 million investment and commitment by General Motors.

      Reuss says the work being done in Flint is a direct reflection of the companyâ??s success in 2013.

      "Great job in Flint the engines that are being produced there I couldn't be more proud of the engine teams there, they are going to supply a lot of these cars," said Reuss.

      The Silverado HD engine is just one stamp that Flint has at the auto show. Tomorrow, tune into NBC 25 news at 6 to learn more about the Chevy Colorado and its impact in Flint.