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      GM recalling nearly 500,000 vehicles, with important warnings to owners

      Nearly 500,000 more vehicles are being recalled by General Motors.

      GM is recalling about 189,000 SUVs in North America for faulty power window switches.

      The recall covers the following models from 2006 and 2007: Chevy Trailblazers, GMC Envoys, Buick Rainers, Isuzu Ascenders and Saab 97-x.

      GM warns all owners to park their vehicles outside until the switches can be repaired, due to the fact that they may cause the vehicles to catch fire.

      The parts to fix the problem won't be ready until October at the earliest.

      Dealers have been asked to stop selling the SUVs until the defect is fixed.

      Additionally, Saturn VUEs from the model year 2002-2004 are being recalled because the ignition key can be removed when the vehicle is not in the off position. GM warns that until the repairs have been made, "it is very important before exiting the vehicle for customers to make sure the vehicle is in 'Park' or in the case of a manual transmission to put the transmission into reverse gear and set the parking brake."

      Chevrolet Impala sedans from the model year 2014-2015 are being recalled of a problem with the front console storage latch.

      The Chevrolet Aveo from 2009-2010 and the Pontiac G3 vehicles from 2009 have a problem with the brakes, which could lead to reduced braking performance.

      The 2014 Chevrolet Spark is being recalled for left and right lower control arm attaching bolts that may not be tightened properly.