GM to cease operations at Delphi Flint East

The Flint East management team today notified employees at the Flint East facility that it will cease operations in November 2013.

Due to a special arrangement reached in 2007 by GM, Delphi and the UAW, GM provided hourly employees to work at the facility. Delphi employed the management team.

As a result of the decision to cease operations, GM employees who currently work at the site and have recall rights to GM facilities will flow back to GM operations as openings occur.

Delphi and GM have a unique arrangement at Flint East.

GM provides the UAW-represented manpower and Delphi supervises the employees, owns the equipment and manages the facility.

DPH Holdings (Old Delphi) owns the facility and land


This agreement was reached in 2007 and expired Sept. 14, 2011


The facility has approximately 287 hourly workers, of which only 50 have recall rights to GM.

The rest will be laid off but could be eligible for state unemployment and GM supplemental

unemployment benefits


UAW Local 651 represents workers at Delphi Flint East and GM's Customer Care & Aftersales

. T

oday's announcement does not affect the CCA operation.

The decision to cease operations at Flint East was made well before UAW Local 651 members voted to authorize a strike