GM to expand Pontiac powertrain plant

General Motors is expanding its Powertrain facility, brining hundreds of jobs back to the great lakes state. These aren't new jobs but it means more than 400 jobs are coming back to Michigan.

GM is building a new test wing at the Pontiac facility. It's a $200 million dollar investment into Automation Alley.

"It's the continuation of the comeback of Michigan,â?? says Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan.

"GM's $200 million investment here in Pontiac is part of the company's previously announced commitment to invest $1.5 billion dollars in our North American facilities this year,â?? says Sam Winegarden, Vice President of Global Engine Engineering at GM.

More than 400 jobs moving in which means transferring positions from GM plants in California, New York, Kentucky and Warren, Michigan.

Another state's loss is Michigan's gain.

"I like seeing that advanced engineering facility from California coming here to Michigan,â?? says Representative Gary Peters (D-MI). â??I'll be perfectly honest with,â?? he adds.

"I think that sends a strong message about were doing a good job of training the best environment as a team at the federal state, local and county level to all work together to say GM's global headquarters for this activity is right here,â?? says Snyder.

The 400 jobs are not new positions but could open up if other employees don't make the transfer.

â??If some of the people from Torrance or Honeyeye Falls chose not to make the transition then we would hire new folks because the work is here and we need people to do the work so then there would be new folks on site,â?? says Winegarden.

The Pontiac plant has about 3,500 employees now. After the plant transfers, that will bring the total to about 3,900.

The new test wing should open in late 2014.