GM, UAW announce contract details, Mid-Michigan plants to add jobs

During the UAW and General Motors press conference regarding the negotiation agreements Wednesday morning, it was announced that Saginaw Casting, Flint Assembly, and Flint Metal Center will receive jobs.

Saginaw Casting will receive $215 million and add about 255 jobs, but the two Flint plants are not yet sure how many jobs will be added there.

Two other plants, Warren Powertrain Plant and Romulus Engine will also receive millions of dollars, adding a total of 900 jobs to Michigan TMs General Motors plants. There will also be investments in plants in Tennessee, Missouir, and Indiana.

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Wednesday, the UAW endorced the GM contract details. The new plan includes a $5,000 signing bonus, profit sharing of a minimum of $3,500 in 2012, and pay raises for entry-level employees. Additional bonuses based on future profit sharing and other factors could result in each GM employee receving over $30,000 over the next four years. There is also a provision in the contract to set aside 10% of profit sharing for future retiree benefits.

UAW negotiation talks are still on-going with Ford and Chrysler.

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The Associated Press contributed to some of the facts in this article.