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      Good Friday message of hope delivered at church in east Flint

      Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

      Good Friday has historically commemorated the saddest day on the Christian calendar, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

      At St. Andrew's Episcopal Church on the east side of Flint, Good Friday is used as a day to deliver a message of hope.

      "Perhaps the most important part of our ministry is cooking in the kitchen, serving up food. In addition, its allowing people who come here to eat to talk to us," said Father Jay Gantz.

      Friday, people took in spiritual sustenance as well as a hot meal.

      "You meet a lot of people here too that are on the streets. Everybody talks about their problems. Lots of times Father Jay helps them work out their problems," said church volunteer Randy Padilla.

      On the east side of Flint, hope is often in high demand.

      "St. Andrews itself gives off the vibe of hope, that there is hope that things can change and be better and that there are people here willing to do that," adds fellow church volunteer Christina Porter.