Good Samaritan plows snow for neighbors

After the season's biggest winter storm, one good turn of the snow blower deserves another, and another.

â??I didn't think we were gonna get this much," John Burgess of Midland.

On Friday morning, a steady purr was coming from Gary Shaffner's snow blower. When students had the day off, the school teacher was hard at work plowing not just his own driveway, but his neighborsâ?? too.

â??Try to help out the neighborhood a little bit," Shaffner said.

It's not a quiet, graceful gesture, carving out paths in thick snow. You might say it could get rather monotonous. But it's no less neighborly, though Shaffner just shrugs off the credit.

â??We got some people that don't have a snow blower and might be a little older so I thought I'd do my part, I guess," Shaffner said.

But it seems that folks on the block really appreciate the man behind the machine.

â??I wouldn't pass him up for the world," John Burgess said of his neighbor.