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      Good Samaritans pull people from burning car

      Jeremy Wolfe

      He was delivering for a deli, and came upon the accident by mistake.

      Last Friday, 23 year old Jeremy Wolfe left Mojo's Deli in Bay City to deliver a cheesecake to the Caro Center.

      "I was lost, actually. I missed my turn and somehow ended up somewhere just south of Birch Run Road on M15 way out of the way, but it's a good thing that happened," says Wolfe.

      The slippery surface of the street caused an accident in front of him.

      He had to swerve into someone's lawn to get out of the way.

      He was in such shock, he did not know the number to 911.

      "I can't tell you an honest thought I had that entire time. I was just reacting to what I was seeing."

      He saw a smoking car and sprang into action helping others pull a man out first then seeing a woman in the passenger seat.

      "After the flames started on the car, they started to come inside the actual compartment of the car and I determined at that time we had to get her out. So that's when I pushed the back of the seat down and proceeded to pull the woman out through the back of the car."

      All four people involved in the two-car accident were taken to St. Mary's for treatment.

      Jeremy does not call himself a hero. He believes others would have acted the same way given circumstances.

      "I guess I do feel good about myself for doing it, but I'm more worried about their condition right now."

      Jeremy and the other rescuers are being nominated for life-saving awards.