Gov. Snyder calls for job growth, road repairs, veterans support in state of state speech

Right-to-work protesters converge on the state capitol in Lansing ahead of Gov. Snyder's address.

In his third state of the state address, Gov. Snyder talked about creating jobs, putting more state troopers on the streets, creating a veterans affairs agency and raising user fees to pay for road repairs.

As right-to-work protesters maintained their presence outside the capitol, Snyder only alluded to the sweeping legislation he signed, telling lawmakers instead, he hoped to find common ground in moving forward to create a more job-friendly environment.

On the subject of public safety, Snyder called for putting more state troopers on the streets, giving a nod to Rep. Jim Ananich, D-Flint, in a promise to work with him to fight crime.

Snyder also called for $1.2 billion in higher gas taxes and vehicle registration fees to help repair aging roads.

Some Democrats said theyâ??re skeptical about Snyderâ??s promise to reach across the aisle.

Rep. Charles Brunner, D-Bay City, said, â??We don't get a lot of that, quite honestly. We see it in the committees, they talk about working together and in some cases we've done a few things together, but for the most part on major issues, there's not a lot of reaching across the aisle."

Rep. Joe Graves, R-Argentine Twp., said in a written statement, "Tonight the governor highlighted the progress we have made streamlining and simplifying state government for Michigan's hard-working taxpayers. Although we have made great strides, we still have work to do in returning Michigan to its full potential. I am committed to finding long-term solutions for our residents.â??