Gov. Snyder continues re-election tour in Frankenmuth

Governor Rick Snyder entered Zehnderâ??s of Frankenmuth Tuesday to warm applause from Frankenmuth's business community on day two of his comeback tour for re-election.

His message â?? that heâ??ll continue to grow the state through his trademark catch-phrase, â??relentless positive action.â??

â??You deserve efficient, effective and accountable government,â?? Snyder told supporters.

Snyder said Michigan is on an upswing and hiring is up. Frankenmuth business leaders credit the governor's policies.

Zehnderâ??s CEO, Al Zehnder, said, â??I support the fact that he's brought jobs into Michigan, that he supports the Pure Michigan campaign.â??

â??I think he's got a good pro-business agenda and business is what's going to turn Michigan around, so I think it's a wonderful thing,â?? Wayne Bronner, President and CEO of Bronnerâ??s Christmas Wonderland, said.

Protesters outside disagreed.

â??He's probably raised more taxes than any other governor,â?? Jim Ancel of Saginaw said, pointing to the elimination of a full income tax exemption for retiree pensions.

But Gov. Snyder said he's not done yet.

â??Isn't that the kind of challenge we love as Michiganders? To say we've made that progress and to say there's more hard work to do, hey, what are we going to do as Michiganders? You're going to roll up your sleeves and just get the job done,â?? Snyder said.

Snyderâ??s stop in Frankenmuth Tuesday was part of a two-day campaign tour that began in Detroit Monday.