Gov. Snyder explains six ballot proposals

As the election nears, political ads are in overdrive especially concerning Michigan's six ballot proposals.

The governor's state-wide bus tour made a stop at SVSU to spread a message concerning Tuesday's election and the six state proposals voters will encounter on the ballot. Five of which Governor Snyder says would be economically devastating.

His motto is a simple one. "Yes on one no on all the rest."

"If you look at the impact of these ballot proposals many are special interests trying to put something special for them going around the legislature embedding it in our constitution I don't think they belong there and they could derail our comeback in terms of our economy," says Gov. Snyder.

Alongside the governor, Canadian Consulate General, Roy Norton, explained that ads protesting an international bridge to Canada are misleading.

He explained that Canada plans to pay for the United States portion of the bridge and no Michigan dollars would be spent on the project.

Elizabeth Peters attended the event and found it informative. "I was anticipating some of what I heard but extra information from general council from Canada Mr. Norton I thought was very important and he was able to present information i was unaware of."