Gov. Snyder, legislators looking to ask voters to raise the sales tax

Gov. Snyder and legislative leaders are considering asking people to vote on a higher sales tax.

Gov. Rick Snyder and legislative leaders are quietly discussing a comprehensive deal to boost spending on road maintenance and education with a sales tax increase, but putting a question to voters soon remains a longshot.

The state Senate's top Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer, told reporters Wednesday it's "very, very unlikely" that lawmakers will act in time to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot.

Talks on ways to boost transportation spending hit a standstill months ago, and legislators have mainly been focused on whether to expand Medicaid health insurance to more low-income adults.

Yet the governor and legislative leaders are continuing to talk about road funding. Raising the 6 percent sales tax requires two-thirds of lawmakers to vote yes and then a vote of the people.