Gov. Snyder signs dissolution bill that could close Buena Vista schools

Governor Rick Snyder has signed into law a measure to dissolve debt-ridden school districts in the state.

After two months of financial uncertainty in the Buena Vista school district, the move could mean the district will be no more come September.

The district now has to go through the process set out in the legislation for the state treasurer and state superintendent to work with the Saginaw Intermediate School District before deciding to dissolve the district.

Gov. Snyder signed the school dissolution bill Tuesday afternoon in Lansing. He also announced his administration is starting a work group on financial accountability to find ways to be proactive and sound the warning before struggling school districts find themselves mired in debt.

â??We've got the legislation in place to add that to the toolbox, to effectively address it when it's required, but let's do some proactive work to say how we can avoid that or be looking farther ahead,â?? Snyder said.

In Buena Vista in the meantime, Superintendent Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill said she's waiting to take direction from the state and that her priority is making sure the transition is smooth for each student and staff member.

â??Obviously it's a painful kind of thing, so I want to be supportive to the Buena Vista community and I also want to make certain that students are comfortable with wherever they land."

Dr. Hunter-Harvill said she's making sure student records are in order, writing letters of recommendation for teachers and getting ready for whatever transition process the district will need to take.