Gov. Snyder wants to charge residents $40 a year to fix roads

Money raised from the new fee would help improve roads in Michigan. / Mike Horne

Governor Rick Snyder's new transportation plan to improve Michigan roads and bridges includes a $40 fee per vehicle.

"Every week I have a car in here that's out of alignment because of the roads," says Jeff Mitchell, manager of Northwest Tire in Saginaw.

Gov. Snyder wants counties and regions to levy the fees and that money would then be used within that county or region.

Most residents we spoke with on Wednesday do not want to pay the extra fee.

However, State government executives approve of the plan.

"We are very pleased by Governor Snyder's call for immediate action to provide long term solutions to fix Michigan's crumbling roads and dangerous bridges. Citizens have repeatedly called on the state's policymakers to repair our ailing infrastructure. Fixing our roads, bridges, water and sewer lines will create jobs, keep our citizens safe, preserve our environment and help Michigan businesses export their products around the globe. Governor Snyder realizes that a delay in fixing our infrastructure ends up costing taxpayers more in the long run. We hope the House and Senate will follow the governor's bold leadership, and we look forward to working with the governor and Legislature to pass this long-awaited, long-term funding solution, said Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association executive vice president Mike Nystrom.

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