Government help not likely for Genesee County flood victims

Floodwaters in Flint Township last Friday

Flint Township Supervisor Sheryl Miller says according to the county, neither state nor federal funds will be forthcoming for flood victims not only in Flint Township boy across the county.

At a meeting of the Flint Township Board Monday night, she told NBC25 it is not the best answer, but she's just passing the message along.

"If I were in their shoes and my basement was flooded that wouldn't be a satisfactory answer for me," she said.

But State Senator John Gleason (D-Flushing) says there is hope, though, if Flint Township and other affected communities put together solid disaster estimates. He said there were similar "no's" before "yes" came in a 1997 tornado. Gleason says he will be in touch with the Genesee County Board on Tuesday to see how he can help secure funds.

Miller also says Flint Township residents should report any flood damage to them by the end of the week so there is a record of the damage in case help does come. In the meantime, she says they can offer guidance but not much else.

Residents should contact their insurance company first to make sure they are getting everything they can there.

Flint Township will, however, file an insurance claim on behalf of residents with sewage in their basement.