Government shutdown causes headaches at local Social Security offices

Julie Wagner needs a new social security card.

â??I needed a replacement card because my wallet came up missing with my social security card and license in it,â?? says Wagner of Oxford.

Same story for Wendy Wheat.

â??I need a social security card so I can get my license,â?? says Wheat of Grand Blanc.

Tough luck---no deal between Congress means no social security cards.

â??They stopped me at the door and said if you're looking for social security cards, you can't get one because the government shutdown,â?? says Wheat, detailing her experience at the Social Security office in Flint.

The Social Security Administration is running on a partial shutdown, meaning some services are closed.

â??(Iâ??m) mad, disappointed,â?? says Wheat.

â??Frustrated, very frustrated,â?? says Wagner.

â??Agitated,â?? says Colburn.

This shutdown hitting Tanya Colburn's pockets very soon.

â??Now, I gotta (sic) wait until this is all resolved so I can get my social security card so I can start working so now I gotta wait two more weeks to get a paycheck because of this,â?? says Colburn of Burton.

For Julie Wagner, it means she can't get around.

â??Due to this shutdown, I can't do much,â?? says Wagner.

â??I just need my social security card,â?? says Wheat.

â??They need to get this crap together so everybody else can get a paycheck,â?? says Colburn.

Despite a government shutdown, Congress and the president still get their paychecks.