Government shutdown threatens Bridge Cards

The Department of Human Services is responsible for items like Bridge Cards.

About 1.7 million Michiganders are using the card to purchase items like food.

But their card balance could remain at zero if the government stare down continues.

"I have two boys myself and I make sure they eat before I eat," said Julius Gray.

Julius Gray is shopping at Catholic Charities Community Closet to make sound financial decisions.

He fears smart decisions are not going to be enough for bridge card users.

"You count it as part of your income, every month people depend on that," said Gray.

The Department of Human Services says residents can depend on them for benefits, for now.

"Were okay for the month of October we have been pre approved for that. So people should see their bridge card load on their normal days," said Michigan Department of Human Services Communications Director Dave Akerly.

But DHS is paid in advance federal funding only goes so far ahead. And the government shut down is keeping the money from refilling in November.

"If we get further down well into the month of October we could have some problems with that in terms of the ability to fund," said Akerly.

There is no specific date to when the government shutdown needs to be resolved to ensure benefits like bridge cards will continue. But residents are preparing to look elsewhere for assistance.

"Different agencies that give out food breads meats. Like pantries and stuff like that, you will see more people in those long lines," said Gray.

The Bridge Card is only one benefit that could directly impact Michiganders. More than one hundred federal aviation administration inspectors are being furloughed now. While flights continue to take off.