Government shutdown threatens food safety

Due to the government shutdown, routine food inspections are no longer being performed by the FDA.

The government shutdown has people carefully inspecting "what's for dinner."

The governments' checks and balance system of inspecting your food is also a victim of the government shutdown.

The shutdown furloughed workers in the Food and Drug Administration.

Meaning, the food you buy at the grocery store is not getting the same inspections it once did.

"It makes me paranoid going in the grocery store," said shopper Patrice Askew, Mount Morris. "You have to really wash it now because it's not safe."

Nearly half FDA workers have been furloughed, meaning your food is no longer being inspected by the federal government.

Federal meat inspectors will continue to examine all meats but health officials advise being extra cautious with produce, especially from overseas.

"Washing your hands, washing your produce before and after you're serving it. Especially anything that isn't going to be cooked like a salad or a vegetable," said Mark Valacak, Genesee County Health Department.

Shoppers hope a shutdown resolution will put their minds at ease otherwise they're considering other options.

"Makes you want to go out and grow your own garden so you know what you're eating and putting in your body is safe," said Davis.

Also furloughed, 78 percent of workers for the Centers for Disease Control.

They are charged with monitoring food borne illnesses leaving fewer workers to detect and keep track of reports of bacteria in food.