Governor Rick Snyder calls Washington, D.C. a mess

      Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says political bickering in the nation's capital is putting a damper on business investment and hurting the country.

      Snyder says automatic budget cuts that are due to take effect on Friday barring a bipartisan agreement shows that Washington is, quote, "a mess compared to the states."

      Snyder's office released comments Monday that Snyder made to C-SPAN. The Republican is attending a National Governors Association meeting in Washington.

      The White House announced Sunday that Michigan faces about $140 million in losses if an automatic federal budget cut takes effect Friday.

      The cuts include $67.7 million in gross pay to 10,000 civilian Defense Department employees in Michigan and $42.2 million to K-12 and disability education programs in the state.

      Snyder says the economic mess in Washington "is holding back a lot of investment" and keeping business people "on the sidelines."