Governor Rick Snyder visits Flint to promote his road plan

Governor Rick Snyder was in Genesee County Friday, promoting his multi-billion dollar plan to fix Michigan's ailing roads. At $1.2 billion a year, the governor's plan is a tough act to sell.

If there's one thing Michigan politicians agree on, it's the roads.

"They're a mess, they need to be repaired," says Governor Rick Snyder.

"They're all in bad condition and we need to do something about it," says Woodrow Stanley, who represents Flint in Lansing.

"Those roads need investment," says Dwayne Walling, mayor of Flint.

That's why governor Snyder has taken to Michigan's bumpy roads to promote his infrastructure plan.

"Let's get this done," says Snyder.

But not everybody wants to get this done the governor's way.

"Whether you call it a fee or not, it is a tax," says State Representative Woodrow Stanley. "These are small words, but they come with a nice little price tag," he adds.

"We can't put that burden on our working and middle class families," says Mayor Walling.

But Governor Snyder says it's simple---those who use the roads should pay for the roads.

"But the best way in my view is to say, through gas taxes and registration fees. If you use the roads, you pay more. If you don't use the roads, you don't pay anything. That seems to be a very fair answer," says Snyder.

If the governor and republican legislators have their way, the gas tax would go up more than 10 cents per gallon.

Registration fees would increase 80-percent.

But Snyder says if Michigan doesn't do something now, you'll have to fork over a lot more money down the line.

"If we don't do this, we're going to get a huge bill later," says Snyder.