Governor Snyder says Michigan agriculture can be more successful

Governor Rick Snyder visits MidMichigan.

He was the key-note speaker of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce's event titled "Bay Area...on the go" at the Doubletree Hotel in Bay City.

He brought good news about our area's agriculture industry.

The governor says the agriculture industry is a bright spot over the last ten years of our state struggling financially.

He says with the right adjustments it can grow.

Snyder told the crowd of 550 people "You were the engine that kept us going in many respects, and we need to say 'thank you' to you."

The governor thanks farmers for the $71-billion agriculture brings in throughout the state.

In Bay County alone, agriculture-related jobs produce $120-million.

Farmers say it hasn't been easy, but so far it's been successful.

"It's good clean fun, fun for the whole family," says Gerald Johnson, owner of Johnson's Giant Pumpkins in Indiantown. It's an agro-tainment venture featuring the pumpkin crop and fun events and attractions for the kids.

The governor says Johnson's business can be even more successful by leveling the playing field.

Snyder says that can be accomplished, " terms of a good tax system, a good regulatory environment, making it easier to do business."

Gerald applauds Governor Snyder's goal to encourage more agriculture business by reducing taxes and focusing on exporting.

"We need to make exporting fair for everybody. It often seems to be one-sided and usually it's not in our favor," says Johnson.

Snyder says he wants to fix Michigan's roads, rails, and bridges so farmers products can get to market faster.

The governor says he's taking a trip to Asia this Saturday.

He'll visit Japan, China, and Korea, with hopes of gaining more customers.

He says one businessman from China already told him he'll buy as many blueberry's as Michigan can make.

The governor says he does not want to give farmers more subsidies. He says the market will determine what products people want.