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      Grand Blanc apartment complex looks to expand as economy perks up

      There is good news for both parties. Grand Blanc City Manager Paul Brake confirms a slow economic growth in the housing market but also the possible growth of a local apartment complex.

      "There??s not a lot of vacancy here in Grand Blanc and with Genesys right there they

      Are a learning hospital so we got a lot of students coming in and a lot of residents," said Grand Oaks Apartments resident Krystal Wilelma.

      Grand Oaks Apartments residents are looking forward to new neighbors across the road. City manager Paul Brake says an expansion project is in the planning process.

      "That??s good news you know not only Grand Blanc but southern Genesee County," said Brake.

      Grand Blanc??s balanced budget is serving as a model of economic responsibility. One residents are hoping to rely on.

      "Most of the houses around here sell in about a month so optimism is pretty high," said Grand Blanc resident Matthew Conner.

      The Standard and Poors home price index released Monday shows major U.S cities all posted annual gains for the third straight month.

      Brake urges residents to remain cautiously optimistic.

      "It will take several years before property values are up at the 2008, when real estate values when into rapid decline," said Brake.

      The city says a lot of paper work and planning is left to move on construction.