Grand Blanc excavation could be linked to Oakland County child killer case

Construction crews were digging a basement in Grand Blanc Township at the Grand Reserve subdivision when they uncovered old car parts. One of the car parts was from an AMC Gremlin.

That is the same type of car connected to the Oakland County Child Killer case In which four children were kidnapped and killed back in the 1970's. Thatâ??s why police were at the site all day Tuesday, literally trying to get to the bottom of the case.

â??Oh, it's nice a quiet neighborhood, all seniors all over 55,â?? says John Habbell. Heâ??s lived in the Grand Reserve complex for nearly two years.

â??Very quiet, tranquil,â?? says neighbor Peter Parker, describing the neighborhood.

Neighbors at the Grand Reserve subdivision in Grand Blanc Township were in for a big shock Tuesday as police uncovered parts of an AMC Gremlin.

â??They did locate a part what they believe to be from, a blue in color, gremlin,â?? says Lt. Michael Shaw with the Michigan State Police. â??That blue gremlin did have a white stripe on it,â?? he adds.

That carâ??s description matches the suspect information of the Oakland County Child Killer,

â??Kids couldn't go to school without signs in the window that said â??if you need protection go into this houseâ?? because of that crime in Oakland,â?? says Habbell, recalling the case.

The Oakland County child killer was never found but police were always on the look out for that blue car with the white stripe.

â??Weâ??re just kind of looking at our due diligence to make sure this is part of our investigation, another investigation or just a dump,â?? says Sahw.

â??Itâ??s quite amazing that it could be that close,â?? says Habbell.

Michigan State Police say they found several different parts to several different cars. Those parts have been transferred to the Michigan State Police crime lab for processing.