Grand Blanc High School student charged in shooter hoax

Grand Blanc HIgh School

A 15-year-old student was charged in the December 19th hoax that lead authorities to believe there were multiple shooters in the High School.

The student is being charged with False Report of Terrorism, which is a 20-year felony.

Prosecutor David Leyton said that the student will be charged as a juvenile, so the name will not be released.

â??What ultimately turned out to be a prank was, in reality, no joke,â?? said Prosecutor David Leyton.

â??It resulted in great disruption to an entire community, sent fears through the hearts and minds of hundreds of students, teachers, and parents, and caused tremendous amounts of public resources to be spent responding to and following up on the incident,â?? Leyton said.

The incident happened just days after the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting, so law enforcement was already on high alert.

â??We take any report of an active shooter in a school building very seriously,â?? said Grand Blanc City Police Chief Steve Solomon.

â??Our students and the entire community must realize that making a false report of a shooting or a bomb threat or anything similar is a serious matter and will be treated as such by law enforcement,â?? he said.