Grand Blanc Trainer out to Pump You Up

Mikie Rometty

A personal trainer from Flint's Hurley Health and Fitness Center has a good reason to keep in shape. He has 3 young daughters.

Mikie Rometty also has experienced a big career change. He used to be a police officer in Auburn Hills. But he grew tired of running after bad guys. Now he's into personal training.

Actually his background is in nutrition. He says he drinks no coffee and eats oatmeal for breakfast. He likes protein. Chicken: yes. White bread; no.

But he makes a living these days as a personal trainer, motivating people to keep at it. His philosophy: make small goals, but keep moving forward with your routine. And make it a regular part of your life.

He showed me the proper way to do sit ups during a segment on NBC 25 Today.

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