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      Grand Blanc Twp police are gearing up to slow down school zone motorists

      Fines up to $340 and 4 points on your license this year for school zone violations in Grand Blanc Township.

      Police are targeting drivers who don??t stop for buses with flashing red lights. And those going too fast as a part of ??Operation Safe Arrival.??

      Police say drivers tend to speed on Fenton, Maple and Saginaw Street. It??s the reason Andrew Farley and his wife take their 7 year-old to school themselves.

      ??Our kids getting to school safe is important. I think that when kids are on the bus that traffic laws need to be followed,?? said Andrew Farley.

      Farley??s wife Tiffany are relieved to hear something is being done to protect their child.

      ??It makes me feel like I can really change my mind on the school bus thing,?? says Tiffany.

      Speeding fines in a school zone range from $150 to $340 and up to 4 points on your drivers license.

      ??I think its sad that we have to up the points and stuff like that. I think people should just know that you have to look out for children around school busses, said Tiffany.??

      ??Kids are kids, they don??t always pay attention and they probably won??t. But drivers need to be more responsible,?? said Andrew.