Grand Blanc volunteers make a difference this Easter

For several volunteers in grand Blanc Easter started early, preparing food for anyone reaching out to their newspaper ads and posts in senior living facilities, one phone call reminding the group of their purpose.

"I received a phone call from Larry almost a week ago and it was very touching for me," said Stacey Vorwerk.

After three years of holiday meal delivery Stacy Vorwerk is still finding meaning behind her purpose.

A call for service from one man needing some holiday cheer.

"She battled cancer for 14 years and I lost her a year ago today," said Grand Blanc resident Larry Holland.

A holiday meal is going a long way for Larry Holland after losing his daughter last Easter; however, vorwerk's team is easing the burden for any grand Blanc resident.

"it makes me feel like its Easter again because my family is gone my mom and dad are gone and I am here by myself,â?? said Grand Blanc resident Karen Olsen.

For team member Ben Anderson getting a smile from this meal delivery is a blessing.

"Itâ??s actually a simple thing, it's just food but I know it can mean a lot to someone,â?? said volunteer Ben Anderson.

The meals are prepared and delivered by Vorwerk's friends and family isnâ??t for the flash or a charity.

"Itâ??s touching, especially to find out they did it out of their own home" said Holland.

The team says this house call is one that won't be forgotten, but used as fuel to continue their efforts each holiday.

"Seeing and meeting people like Larry is life changing, its life changing," said Vorwerkâ??s.

The team takes orders leading up to Easter thanksgiving and Christmas and is looking forward to giving back later this year.