Grand Blanc's Ray Bishop goalie helmet art to be used in Sochi Winter Olympics

The Buffalo Sabre's Ryan Miller will wear this custom mask in Sochi.

Every spray is another step towards the Winter Olympics.

Ray Bishop's canvas is this helmet, which will be worn by a member of the mens Olympic Hockey team in Sochi.

"It's a huge honor to paint these" says Ray Bishop of Bishop Designs.

Bishop designs these one of a kind creations.

They are pieces of art that have been seen on world stages like the Olympics for nearly 2 decades.

This is the 4th time Bishop's work has been seen on the worldwide Olympic stage.

"In the 2006 and 2002 Olympics I believe that Dominic Hasek was wearing my artwork in those 2 games" says Bishop.

But it wouldn't have come without a little push.

"I said to my then fiance now wife that I always wanted an airbrush and she was crazy enough to say ok lets go get one" Bishop says with a smile.

He makes sure he represents each player in his designs, Ryan Miller's Team USA mask includes a shamrock to honor the 1980 Miracle on Ice squad and it's goaltender Jimmy Craig.

"With Ryan's mask we had a kind of direction from the last time around, and I just whipped up a couple of sketches, he liked one that I came up with, and I asked if I should run with it and he said cool lets do it" says Bishop.

With all the attention the Olympics bring, Bishop says he's proud to help Team USA in their quest for gold.

"You think about how many people you're touching or reaching with that design and how people get behind that design and the person wearing it" he says.

"It's pretty cool, it's a neat thing and I am so fortunate to be a part of it".

To see more of his work and keep up with the Olympic artwork click HERE for his website.

You can also follow his progress with these Olympic helmets on Bishop Designs Facebook page HERE.