Grandmother and man sentenced in sex for drugs case

Angela Blackwell was found guilty for allowing Johnnie Griffin to have sex with her granddaughter in exchange for cocaine.

The grandmother who gave her 10-year-old grandchild to a man for sex in exchange for drugs, and the man who committed criminal sexual conduct with the child will each spend 25 years in prison for the crime.

46-year old Angela Blackwell allowed 68-year-old Johnnie Griffin to have sex with the 10-year-old girl in exchange for cocaine.

In May, Griffin was found guilty of the criminal sexual conduct involving the 10-year old girl, and was also found guilty in cases involving another one of Blackwell TMs granddaughters and another little girl. He was also found guilty on drug and gun charges.

Blackwel had been found guilty for pandering the child, and possessing cocaine.

Monday, a judge sentenced each of them to a 25 years in prison for the crimes.