Grandmother of missing Flint girl charged with her murder

Coral Hall, who has been missing since 1998.


Appearing on video, 73-year-old Lois Janish gave matter-of-fact replies as Judge Nathaniel Perry read the charge - open murder in the 1998 death of Janish's granddaughter, Coral Hall.

â??I think that we can make the case in front of a jury that there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the person we've accused committed this crime,â?? Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said.

Coral Hall, who lived with Janish and Janish's boyfriend, was last seen on Sept. 22 1998, a day after her 14th birthday.

Prosecutors say the teen went missing after calling a friend from a pay phone near the White Horse Tavern asking for a place to stay. She had also told the Department of Human Services she was being abused.

Leyton said, â??We're convinced that she's dead and we're going to proceed with this case against the grandmother."

Leyton said there have been no sightings of Coral Hall after years of investigation. He said it won't be an easy case but he has enough evidence against Janish.

"She's been a suspect right along, as is her now deceased boyfriend,â?? Leyton said.

"What you hope to do is bring closure to the victims of these horrible crimes,â?? he added.

Janish is being held without bond.

Judge Perry will appoint a lawyer for Janish. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 6 in Judge Herman Marableâ??s courtroom.

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Lois Janish was arraigned today in court on charges of open murder in relation to her missing granddaughter.

14-year-old Coral Hall has been missing since September 22, 1998. She was expected at a friend's home, police say, and she never showed up.

Hall was living with her grandmother and her grandmother's boyfriend at the time. The boyfriend has since passed away.

They lived on Ann Arbor Street in Flint.

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